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The inventor

Andro-Gruenberger_myPowerMateAndro Grünberger – the head behind myPowerMate

Andro Grünberger started travelling when he was a child and had several opportunities to look at the sockets of the world. Young Andro spent time on container ships. Whilst not at sea he grew up half in Croatia and half at the edge of the Bavarian Forest. As such, wanderlust is in his blood, whether it be his first drunken stupor on the beaches of Brac´ in Croatia, or more recently his preferred destination Amsterdam, he always likes to be on the move. From all these journeys arose a passion for travelling and photography. Back home in Bavaria he always had a head full of memories, ideas for his next trip, and, (if all his devices survived) pictures of many beautiful moments and places as well.

Vocational training in metallurgy in his early years took him abroad to nearby England, Slovenia and Austria. Studies of Mechanical Engineering followed and he managed major projects in transmission development for German automotive manufacturers. Afterwards he went further afield where he worked in plastic injection molding and took over the management of a workshop for prototype electronic wheelchairs in Australia.

All those pieces brought him to where he is now: A hobby became a passion and that passion turned into a profession.

On his last journey the idea behind myPowerMate was born out of necessity (Read the whole story here). The all-rounder adapter not only combines your travel devices with any socket worldwide, but also with Andros’s knowledge, passion and philosophy. With a metaphorical backpack full of expertise and experiences he aims to make the life of the travel community easier. Whichever country you are traveling to or from – what you need is a reliable adapter, which fits everywhere and charges your devices safely time and time again.

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