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Shooting at Studio Weichselbaumer

I am really happy to have met the Studio Weichselbaumer team here in Passau. Their work is really extraordinary.

Nowadays, a good product alone is not enough. After development was finished, great photos and videos were necessary. I do love to take pictures on my journeys, but I needed something more professional. From personal recommendations I ended up in Studio Weichselbaumer, based in Passau. I dropped by their premises in the building of the beautiful old Innstadt brewery and showed them myPowerMate. Directly from the very first second, they were right on it. I’m very happy to have them on board, and have already been very impressed by their motivation and results.

The script for the video was ready by the end of the very same week. Props and extras had to be organized and we were made ready for the shooting. After the daytime hurly-burly stopped, we met in the studio in the evening to work on the video. Honestly, I needed some beers, before the material got the right vibe. Being an actor wasn’t one of my strong points in the past, and I hadn’t improved. In the end we needed two evenings and around fifty shots until all takes were completed. The guys there are great, the atmosphere was really relaxed and not only the beer made it pure fun. For example, you can’t just put a burning cellphone into a suitcase. We had to saw a hole in the table. And the suitcase. Someone had to lie underneath and hand over all the props that were “inside” the suitcase. The making-of video will come soon and I assure you it’s as good as the actual video. The first shoot was just a rehearsal and blocking, but it pleased us so much that in the end we just stayed with it.

Every time I visit the guys, I feel good because I know they will thrill me with something new. They still help me a lot with postproduction and this collaboration was absolutely awesome. I can definitely recommend this team! They make business fun and I have definitely found new friends there. Thank you, Tom for your patience behind the camera and thank you, Chris for filling the important role under the table. …I hope it didn’t result in back pain, as you were under there for quite a long time! I am excited about the amazing work you have done with editing audio and video afterwards. Also I want to thank Vale, Flo and Abel for the great pictures and the animation. This is exactly what I needed and I don’t know what I would have done without you!