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myPowerMate – the worlds best travel adapter

myPowerMate is the world’s first travel adapter with USB connector and flash memory which can be used with any plug socket worldwide. The reliable Mate will accompany you on your travels and make them so much easier. No longer will you worry if your plug will fit. Or how long it will be until your back-street black market adapter sets on fire. myPowerMate is the best solution for adapter needs on-the-go. Not only because of its reliability, small size, and ease of use, but also as it offers a load of unbeatable extra functions.

A plug with additional value: universal adapter, USB connection, flash memory

Which sockets are used in Europe and which in Australia? With myPowerMate you can stop worrying. His adjustable tootsies fit all fifteen socket patterns worldwide. With the reliable Mate your devices are secure. Combustible DIY sockets are a thing of the past: Your Mate is protected from excessive heating and burn-out at your destination, and your devices without grounding (cellphones, laptops, tablets, cameras and more) are safe.

In addition, the travel adapter has a USB connection on hand, and while charging, myPowerMate saves your pictures on its integrated flash memory. Meaning important holiday memories are backed-up, so you can be sure they make it back home even without a laptop.

It’s safe for families too, as the integrated child-proof lock takes care of curious children’s fingers. This feature also prevents damage from dust or water. The head of the small multi adapter is customizable with a picture, so he is easily identifiable, or can include information if lost so he can get back to you.

 myPowerMate – invented in Bavaria, useful worldwide

The simple and ergonomic design has its roots in Bavaria (You can find the whole story here). The production will take place in Asia (read more about the reasons here) however highest standards of quality are guaranteed by an independent inspection body in Germany and it symbolizes that all requirements for a long and adventurous life are fulfilled. Furthermore, you invest in the future. myPowerMate works everywhere, so you won’t have to buy a new adapter every time you go somewhere new, saving you money and reducing waste for the environment.

myPowerMate is a loyal traveling companion and reliably provides power at every destination. But he’s not just clever, safe and reliable. He’s also practically small, beautifully customizable, and the only travel adapter someone could be jealous of. Who ever heard of a fun travel adapter?

Do you have the travel bug and want to take your own Mate with you?

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